Der Schwarzwald (Tag 2): Triberg, Germany

Cuckoo clocks. Most people are either enthralled by them or annoyed by them. But do you know where they come from?

I didn’t. I thought they originated in the Czech Republic. But that’s not true. The Black Forest is famous for producing cuckoo clock masterpieces.

My friend had been wanting to purchase a clock of her own for a while now, so we included Triberg on our list of stops. Luckily for me (who did not want a clock), there was more to the town.

Again, let’s start with the appearance of the town. While the architecture is pretty much the same in each city we stopped in, there is still something unique about each one.


That’s all well and good, but what really drew me was the waterfall (once I saw how inexpensive it was to go hiking).

I’ve been to waterfalls before. The Gullfoss in Iceland was extraordinary. This waterfall was nothing like that, not really even worthy of a special trip to Triberg, but it was definitely worth the hike since we were already there. (click on the pictures to enlarge them)

And really, you can never have too many pictures of waterfalls:

The natural beauty came from more than just the waterfall, The entire Black Forest is full of various trees, rivers, canals, and rich colors.

I was really surprised at just how colorful everything was. The moss is so green that I felt like I was somewhere else entirely. I’ve always seen Germany as a dreary place, but this trip really made me see it from a new (green-filtered) perspective.

And one last picture to leave you with…

I have a new fascination with trains!

I have a new fascination with trains!

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