Der Schwarzwald (Tag 3): Titisee, Germany

Our ultimate destination for this trip was Titisee, a serene lake in the heart of the Black Forest. My friend found a package deal that included our train tickets and two nights in a lakeside hotel (that fed us a breakfast buffet each morning and three course dinner each evening). It was pretty nice.

Lakeside hotel and restaurant

Lakeside hotel and restaurant

We walked around town a little, enjoyed the heated indoor swimming pool, and spent a brief minute in the crazy hot sauna. Two activities stood out the most, though: cruising the lake on a boat tour and hiking the circumference of the lake.

The kid must have been freezing... it must be a "guy" thing!

Not wearing a coat must be a “man” thing!


Here are some shots from the boat. (click on pictures to enlarge)


The cruise was only half an hour, but it was enough to see the lake. I took a nap after the cruise while my friend went for a hike along a nearby lake, but when I woke up I went for a hike around the lake we were visiting.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve always seen Germany has a dreary place with lots of clouds and misty rain, but this hike made me reconsider my perspective. As soon as I walked off the beach and into the surrounding woods, I felt like I was in a fairy tale. Take a look for yourself:


The hike was decent (two to three miles, I believe), but totally worth it. It didn’t matter that it was misting the entire time or that I was a little cold or that the sun was starting to go down… being completely surrounded by (and alone with) nature was pretty amazing. I definitely see the appeal of doing “nature” vacations and I think I’ll plan more in my future.

For now, one last look of the lake (from the shore):



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  1. WOW – the pictures are beautiful – exactly what I pictured when reading about the Black Forest! Something I definitely want to do when we visit.

  2. Hi Alison. I absolutely enjoy so much looking at your awesome photos and reading your blogs. One day you will look back on all of these photos and they will warm your heart. I went to Germany twice when I was young. Once when I graduated from High School(1974)and then again 3 years later(1977)to visit a pen pal I still have!! Both times were equally awesome. I took lots of photos and to this day it warms my heart so much when I drag them out and reminisce. I really enjoy listening to your Mom tell me about where you have been and where you will go next. 🙂

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