Der Schwarzwald (Tag 4): Freidburg, Germany

We headed home after leaving Titisee, but not before stopping in Freiburg, probably the largest and most popular city in the Black Forest. While I’m sure there’s nature in and around this city, we only stopped for a couple hours and our primary purpose was to eat Black Forest cake while in the Black Forest.

Of course the city has a cathedral, which was grand enough to warrant a few pictures:


But there were also other interesting buildings to see:


Of course, there were random statues and other sites as well:


This is an older city, so there were also multiple cites gates. We visited two of them:


Lastly, there was another church that was absolutely magnificent, though I didn’t go inside.

The Heart of Jesus Stühlinger Church

The Heart of Jesus Stühlinger Church

Pretty impressive

Pretty impressive


While spending more time walking around might be nice, I was ready to head home. All in all, though, I would say this mini vacation was nice and I will definitely plan another trip to the Black Forest (probably in the spring or summer though!).

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