Benvenuti in Italia: Verona

I took a semi-spontaneous trip to Northern Italy this past week for a few days and it was pretty incredible. I had never been to Italy before and I had only decided about a week earlier to take the trip, so I didn’t really plan much to do. Instead, I decided to take a train and just explore. My first stop was Verona.

The Adige River flows through Verona, which make for a beautiful walk to the old city.

The Old Castle (Castelvecchio) is unlike anything I’ve seen before, so of course I had to explore!

The bridge is what really drew my attention, so I spent most of my time there:

First look at the bridge from the castle

First look at the bridge from the castle

Looking back on the castle from the bridge:

One last look at the castle from the other side of the Adige River:

Castelvecchio (21)

Alright, alright! Enough about the castle! Let’s see what the rest of Verona had to offer!

Probably the most famous site in Verona is Juliet’s house. I didn’t really care to go there (Romeo and Juliet is NOT my favorite play), but how can I go to Verona without seeing their respective houses?

So I went… and so did everyone else…

So many tourists!

So many tourists!

Probably my favorite part of visiting her house was seeing the symbols of love (even if they have become commercialized).

Of course I couldn’t go to Juliet’s house without going to Romeo’s, right?!

I stood staring at this sign for a long time.

I stood staring at this sign for a long time.

I wasn’t sure if this was the place, but as I stood staring at the sign, someone opened the door and pulled in to their driveway. Then they walked back out and waited for it to close completely before leaving.

So... someone lives in Romeo's house! That's kind of cool!

Someone lives in Romeo’s house! That’s kind of cool!


There are, of course, other famous sites in Verona, but none that were overly exciting for me.

The Piazza delle Erbe is also pretty well-known.

The best part was probably sitting at a cafe in Piazza Bra (where the arena is located) and watching the best football team in Italy beat the best football team in Spain. The screen was to my left, the arena to my right, and the sun was setting. It was beautiful, although Italians aren’t as excitable as I expected.

I’ll leave you with pictures of the Piazza Bra, which was perhaps the prettiest place in the city:

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