Sirmione (Lake Garda)

Outside of Verona is Lake Garda. On a thin peninsula in the middle of the lake is Sirmione, a beautiful little town with Roman ruins to explore.

But first we went to the ruins of the Scaliger Castle, a three-story structure that sits right in the middle of the peninsula.


As we entered the castle, my friend immediately noticed a similarity between the ruins and Assassin’s Creed (a video game with an emphasis on being sneaky). Of course, we then had to assess each potential video game move as we explored the ruins.

Naturally, I also took the time to just enjoy the scenery. We don’t have castles in the United States, so I always find ruins like this to be fascinating.

What makes this site even better is the location on the water.


I particularly enjoyed watching the water ebb and flow around the walls, It reminded me of building sand castles on the beach close enough that the tide would bring in water to create a moat.


After leaving the castle, we headed to the Roman ruins where Cattulus (famous Roman poet) purportedly lived.

I liked this site better because it was more open and allowed for a bit more exploring than the castle.

The ruins themselves were pretty cool and if we had had more time, I definitely would have pretended to be an ancient Roman woman (or senator… or soldier…).


We didn’t have more time, though, because there was a surprise in store for me!

My favorite wine is from the Lugana region of Italy, which happens to be just south of Lake Garda. Therefore, I was taken to a vineyard and allowed to taste the wines!

What was even cooler was that the man working made time to give us a quick tour of the facilities (in English!).

So much wine!

I left with a smile on my face, two bottles of wine, and one bottle of grappa!

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