Venice, the city of…

Venice is incredible. Pure and simple.

I couldn’t decide what to call this city, so I searched Google to see what other’s think. All of the above choices seem perfectly acceptable to me. Whether with a person or the city itself, love is definitely in the air. And masks! Although it is not time for Carnival, Venice is known for the tradition and the masks are everywhere! I took the time to peruse a specialty shop and was amazed at some of the creations on display.

While romance should be obvious, I’m not sure anyone can truly understand the way this city encourages romance until you’ve walked the streets by night, enjoying the water, enjoying a full moon, and just breathing slowly. There’s something very sensual about exploring a city essentially without vehicles, without responsibilities, and without stress.

A city of bridges? Well you’ll see that when we get to the pictures…

And dreams. For sure, I can see this as a city of dreams. Shedding day-to-day worries makes dreaming easier, both of which is made possible in Venice.

Venice at night is the best. I was lucky enough to spend two nights in Venice, exploring little alleyways and criss-crossing over endless bridges. The first night I missed the sunset, but the second night I walked along the Grand Canal watching as the fading colors of the sky reflected off the water. It was beautiful. It was peaceful. It was calming.

Venice during the day is vibrant and colorful and alive. The first thing we did during our day in Venice was take a boat ride along the Grand Canal. I won’t narrate the ride, so just look through the pictures (in order) to get your own feel for the city from the water.


The boat dropped us off at Piazza San Marco, which is a big square with pretty incredible architecture.


Of all the amazing architecture in the square, Basilica San Marco was the most impressive.

One of the frescoes was particularly intriguing for me. The colors seemed to stand out from everything else, not only on this building, but in the entire square. No matter what else I looked at, my eyes always came back to this painting.


We left Piazza San Marco and wound our way back through the side streets and over canals. Take a look:


While I enjoyed all of this – Venice is spectacular – there was another surprise in store for me!

We visited the sweetest little bookstore FULL of books! Books, books, everywhere!

This bookstore was adorable and amazing and I only bought three books (three volumes of Shakespeare’s sonnets in both English and Italian).

I did not spend nearly enough time in this lovely little city, so I will go back. I have a feeling that no matter how many times you go, there is always something new to explore, both within the city and within yourself.

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