Last stop: Padua

I left Venice for a quick stop in Padua before heading back to Germany.

We started on the outskirts of the city at one of the city gates.

The university is just on the other side of this gate, which happens to be next to the river.


Next we headed to the city center and the second largest square in Europe: Prato della Valle.

My first look at Prato della Valle


The square is beautiful, especially if the weather is nice. I also happen to like all the water.


We left the square for a quick walk through the city, which is an interesting combination of quaint, winding streets; old architecture, yet maintained buildings; and distinct groups of tourists and locals alike. I found myself seeing how easy it could be to live in a place with so much going on: history, education, tourism, commercialism, etc.

Quaint, winding streets:

Old architecture, yet well-maintained buildings:

Locals (see all the motorbikes?) and tourists alike:


We had to walk back through Prato della Valle on our way out, so of course we stopped for gelato. I found I really enjoyed the atmosphere in Padua – it wasn’t too touristy, but it has enough to hold my attention. I would definitely spend more time there if I were in the area again, though I don’t know if I would make a special trip just to return.

As for Italy, I’ll definitely be returning! The weather is fantastic, the people are nice, and the food is incredible.

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